Friday, March 13, 2009

for Pessoans

Here's a little poem I had not previously seen. It's by Magda Jawor, and it's translated from the Polish by S.A. Oleksy. (initially posted by the poet then publishing as Magdalena Jawor, on her site, in February 2006. Translation posted March 2006

Ophelia Queiroz no longer wants to love a poet

You frighten me Fernando, Alvaro, Ricardo,
or are you now Alberto your cubical gaucho
who eyes his luscious pampas through the office window
who chases flocks of musings from the roofs of Lisbon.

The alien ones attract you; of some haughty hoyden
who walks a paper pavement, of some blinding blonde one
you say you espy her; really, have you eyed her?

In verse you want to drown me; you know that I, Ophelia,
won't feel the silty bottom, that the swelling river
is woven through my body, my body is soughing -
and when you print its soughing, I will drown forever.

Fernando, I forbid you to lyricize about me
I do not want a nosegay of letters so lovesick
That they will all be published as soon as death claims us


my own post on Pessoa and Ophelia Queiroz @ (nov. 26, '05).