Thursday, March 27, 2008


In an early post on OMOO (part 1) (Nov, 20, 2005) ( I wrote in fiercely demotic terms against the insensitivity of the administration of the Philadelphia Art Museum for failing to acknowledge the Tahitian language title to their Gauguin (written on the painting itself by the artist).

Today, seeing the Frida Kahlo exhibition, I was pleased and surprised to see that finally they have acknowledged the true title of the painting, PARAHI TE MARAE.

Apparently, someone with more clout and influence than I, has prevailed upon them to make the change. So the Museum of my native city is off my personal hook, and I have deleted from "Interests" on my "Complete Profile" "convincing the Phila. Art Museum to use the Tahitian language title to their Gauguin on its accompanying plaque."

For anyone interested, I have added an Addendum to my initial OMOO blogpost. (Also noted on that post is the unexpected death of Museum Director Anne d'Harnoncourt, who was quite probably the person who decided to make the change to the correct title on the plaque.)